In The Chambers of The Municipal Council

Tomorrow, Monday, is the last meeting for the municipal council before the summer holidays -- and of course I'm planning to attend. Lots to learn in too short time, and soon September'll be here with the local government election. Of course there'll also be the general election and the county council election, but since I'm number five on the ballot paper for the Centre party in the local government election, that's the one I focus on.
It's here in our town that I'd like to try to make a difference. I am extremely proud over the fact that I've already managed to get approval for my suggestion about reduced busfares for pensioners. (It was actually last year's holiday experiences in Scotland and their Scotland-Wide Free Bus Travel card that inspired me to fight for a similar card for our local senior citizens.) If we win the election -- which now seems more than likely according to independent gauging -- it will become a reality. As of today it is not for real quite yet then, but almost... I owe great thanks to my group leader, Reinhold Hellgren, for putting forth my proposal before the other three alliance parties' leaders and making them all agree on it. That meant a whole lot to me and my personal campaign, especially as someone (I know who but will not name the person here) at our local newspaper persist in not publishing my letters to the press. Childish and pigheaded. Hopefully the person in question will realize this and cease this immature behaviour. My achievment with the buscard is of great value to the citizens of our town, and it is vital that they learn about this before the election -- something that now has proved to be quite difficult to achieve. One cannot but wonder how an employee can live in the delusion that he/she has the right to be an obstruction to political information. Remarkable and weird... However, hopefully it'll soon come to an end.

And now - time for bed. Best get as many hours sleep as possible, 'cause tomorrow will be a looooong but very interesting and educational day, and I want to be spry and all ears throughout the day.

Sleep tight and pleasant dreams!


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