At Last - A Lovely Hot And Sunny Day

Finally sun in Alanya again!!!!  :o)
Yesterday afternoon and evening we had heavy rains and thunder, and it continued all through the night. We were woken up many times by thunder so strong that it shook the house and made the windows rattle. But to our great relief and joy, this morning we woke up to a clear blue sky -- something that we have only had once since we got here.  

Eager and early we were ready to go to the beach already at 9 o'clock. No sun must be wasted! We then spent many lovely, sunny and sweaty hours in our sun chairs and jumping high waves in the foaming ocean.
Slightly pink -- some body parts more than others -- we returned to our hotel at 1:30 for lunch, and the rest of the day we spent by the pool. This was our last day with sun chairs on the beach, because they are quite expensive to rent and we'd rather spend the money on something else -- preferably something we can bring home.  

This is our hotel pool area by night and we live on the third floor -- our balcony is hugh and is the one to the left up in the left corner of the picture. The bar with the absolutely charming and very friendly stuff is at the bottom corner to the left. We usually pop in there for a Mojito before going to bed... which is exactly what we'll be doing now. 



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