Unusual Day With Dramatic Sea

Today - our third day here in Alanya - was a very different and unusual day in more than one way.
To begin with we decided to rent sunchairs at the beach, which we have never done before. We figured that we might need shelter from the sun, since we were a bit red here and there. We also thought that we might check the price for renting chairs for a whole week -- if the discount waas good we would  go for it and be comfortable until Sunday afternoon.
When we approached the beach we soon realized that something was very different today -- the sea was making a roaring sound so loud that we could hear it all the way from the Ataturk (the busy main street). As we got down on to the beach we soon saw the hugh waves, high as buildings they thrust themselves on to the beach. The salty sea water was thrown all the way up to the sun chairs. It was magnificent and dramatic, but also quite intimidating.  
Here are a few pictures for you to see:

The sea is rarely this dramatic -- the waves are this high maybe twice or three times a year. People watch, take pictures and stand fascinated by the scenery.

Suddenly a wave hit our sunchairs and wet us through. My towel was so wet it dripped with water.

People - us too - were desperately trying to save their things -- both from floating off with the retreating wave and from getting soaked.

As you can see there is a red flag which means you cannot go into the water. Guards are all over the beach making sure people aren't going in. Standing in the shallow water is alright, but showin disrespect like some and actually getting out and into the waves is not okay. The guards immediately blow their wistles and call them out of the water -- and for a very good reason, I must say.

Homemade lunch at our balcony. Yummie yummie!!!

On our way to Mi Casa Es Tu Casa to have dinner.


Tonight's choice was Chicken Fajita. Very hot and also very nice!

As usual the waiters at Janet's restaurant are dancing and performing in many ways. Very enjoyable!!

And now we're off to bed. The day's been long and we're very tired....

Another nice, tanned and wonderful day here in Turkey.

Good night!



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