Midsummer Celebration 2010

This year I managed to persuade my dear parents to come along up to the festivities at the North Mountain (Norra Berget). We had a marvellous day with great weather! Contrary to the weather forecast, which had predicted rain, we had a lovely sunny and warm day.
We spent the day exploring all the ancient houses, the herb garden, all the little booths where people sold all kinds of interesting things -- home-made goat's cheese, chocolate, candy and the thin unleavened bread that is so typical for this part of Sweden  -- and later daddy treated us to Belgian waffles, jam, wipped cream and coffee. Yummie!!!!
Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera, so these pictures are a loan from the Internet, but that is just as well, because had I taken them myself that day there would have been people everywhere in front of my lens. There were more people there than I have ever seen there before -- a bit like ants on an ant-hill.    

This house is the so called Torpsgården. Both its interiour and exteriour is very similar to one of the houses at the old 18th century farm where my father, and of course later also I, grew up. 

The broad planks in the floor, the painted walls, the spinningwheel, the little stool and the other peaces of furniture -- it all looks like where I grew up and very much feels like home to me and my parents. A weird feeling to stand there listening to the guide telling all the tourists about it all.

The yarn bobbin, the loom, the cradle, the old wooden swing, the old bed in the next room, the furniture and the door -- they are more or less exact replicas from my childhood.

The big dining-room where also dancing and banquets were held.

The old water-driven sawmill.

The large hay-drying rack.

A smaller version of hay-drying rack.

These last two pictures I managed to take with my cellphone (its memory card is regrettably not what I would want it to be), so that I would at least have a couple of photos from our Midsummer celebration at the mountain.

When the rising of the maypole and the traditional dancing around it was over, people started to pack their things and go home, and we of course did the same.

My dear mum and dad! They are as much in love today as they were when they were young! Wonderful role models!! And I love them!!!  :o)


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