Looking through pictures from London... and wishing I could relive that week

Election is rapidly drawing near and more and more time is consumed by politics. 
It seems as if every waking hour is spent doing political things. 

My home is gradually becoming the spitting image of Alex Castle's and Bob's cars,
i.e. filled with leaflets, brochures and other things that normally would have been put away where they belong.  ;o)

I remember both Bob and Alex telling me how they would like to tidy their cars... if only they had the time, but all waking hours and energy were of course spent doing campaign-work. I so totally understand what they ment! I'm living it this very moment.  :o)

As our campaigne is tightening and getting more focused, I find myself more and more often browsing through the pictures from London and my week with LibDems... and I soooo wish I could relive that week, see everyone again, chat, laugh, sweat and work together again. I look through the pictures over and over again, remembering the energy and atmosphere, re-charging my batteries with memories of their ways and campaign work. If only they were part of my team here -- how great wouldn't that be?!!  :D

Here they are -- my LibDem friends -- in no specific order. Just me being nostalgic and longing for these persons and the wonderful companionship, comradeship, humour and friendly atmosphere they had amongst them...and welcomed me with...   

I want "Bob o'clock", witty and rough humorousness and warm comradeship... I want London here!!! Who the heck decided to place London and Sweden so far apart?  ;o)


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