Lily Allen's song with lyrics

I am sitting here listening to music and trying to pick the right tracks for this seasons gym classes.
This is tiring and time-consuming work, but once it's done there's a whole autumn's marvellous, sweaty and enjoyable training to take part and delight in.

Among many, many other songs that I listen to and find stirring and that makes me want to exercise is this one by Lily Allen. I find that it makes me smile and move. I also very much like its message. However -- I don't think the attenders of my gym classes would approve if I used it. Its refrain is a bit too offensive which is a shame, 'cause the rest of the lyrics are really great!! Personally I choose not to listen to the words in the refrain, but instead smile and dance around my kitchen singing the rest of the song.

Why I like it?? Well I think that, with the exception of the refrain and one or two parts of the verses, it is very Centre partyish.  :D


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