Busy busy busy - but great fun fun fun

As our campaign work is getting more and more intense, I find myself spending less and less time with my friends and family, and my home is more or less just a round-about;
I come in, grab what I need (food, clothes, sleep...) and I'm out the door again.
I see my parents a couple of hours now and then to eat -- they know the empty state of my fridge and that I during this hectic period wouldn't bother to cook. To make sure that I get a proper meal at least a few days a week, they invite me to dinner every second day.
I get there all out of breath, partake of their lovely dinner, watch the news in their livingroom.... and fall asleep in one of their comfy chairs after five mere minutes.

This is one of the places where I spend most of my waking hours -- our HQ in the town centre.

And this is our excellent ombudsman - Jenny - who handles everything from planning campaigns to serving coffee to voters. She is brilliant and an extremely good resource. She is really committed and puts a tremendous many hours per day into her work -- I don't know where we'd be without her. Totally love her!!

Our folders are now at the printing office -- soon to be delivered. First to us and then out to every household in our wards. I happen to be a candidate in a huge ward - one of the largest there is. It'll be a tough job delivering them, but somehow I'll manage... I just will!!! As it happens I have the advantage of having been to training camp with Lib Dems in London, so I know I can do it!! Best foot forward!!


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